Sunday, March 16, 2008

You wish there wasn't a need

My mom sent this link to me a while ago... a "global display of terrorism and other suspicious events." It's a map from the . Definitely one of those things I really wish didn't have to exist. But it does. And here it is. Brought to us in living color - map or satellite or hybrid. What did we do before Google?

The map flickers with a disturbing array of reports, such as:

  • "Strange odor from mail shuts down one of governor's offices"
  • "Pipe bomb found under car in Dublin"
  • "Turkish police foil ‘plot’ to bomb US companies"
  • "Colombia hotel blast leaves 1 dead, 2 injured"
  • "Venezuela dares U.S. to put it on terror list"
  • "Tibetans try to storm Chinese embassy in India's national capital"

The map supposedly reloads itself every 310 seconds. Which I actually find a bit odd. 310 seconds? Three hundred and ten? I mean, 5 minutes would be 300 seconds... Doesn't it make you feel like there's some hidden meaning in that 310 somehow? What's with the extra 10 seconds? I'm just asking...

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