Monday, November 12, 2012

Wait... haven't I seen that before?

So I went to see Skyfall this weekend (yep, it lives up to the hype) and there were a gazillion trailers. In fact, for the FNDG crowd readers out there, my guess would've been "a gazillion" — and I woulda won.

As usual, I can't remember all the trailers but a select few.

Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters — not because I'm panting with anticipation to see what looks to be a fairly ludicrous movie, but because I just couldn't bring myself to totally write it off. I mean, you've got Hawkeye/Aaron Cross himself playing Hansel and wielding some wicked cool weaponry. Also, Gemma Arterton looks eerily like Jennifer Garner from the bygone Alias days, which is not a bad thing.

 A Good Day to Die Hard looks to be right up my wisecracking alley. I'm pretty much always game to spend a couple of hours with Bruce Willis — even if he's shooting helicopters with taxicabs and taking down fighter jets with semi-trucks — he just never fails to entertain me (except maybe when he's in some incomprehensible, trying-too-hard indy flick wearing shorts the whole time, then not so much). You know, just because the line is obvious doesn't mean it's not funny.
Iron Man 3, which I hear it is to Iron Man 2 what Ocean's 13 was to Ocean's 12, except more so. We can only hope. Also, it's written and directed by Shane Black, who wrote the first Lethal Weapon and the story for Lethal Weapon 2. Remember when Riggs destroyed the bad guy's house on stilts by dragging the legs out from under it with a tow rope and his pickup truck? It's amazing what a couple of decades and a bigger budget can do... this time it's the good guy's gorgeous (and, sadly, completely imaginary) Malibu aerie that bites the bullet — or as the case may be, bites an RPG — and goes crashing gloriously and with conviction down the cliff.

Not surprisingly, both demolition derbies benefit from action rather than still photography:
(for the far more impressive Lethal Weapon 2 video clip, go here)

(this too is waaaaay more impressive in action —watch it here)

And really, that's what I walked away with after sitting through a gazillion trailers — Shane Black liked knocking a house down a cliff so much the first time, he's doing it again.