Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The silver lining, part 2

The Writers' Strike stinks. On multiple levels - that the conglomerates are being so mule-headed. That negotiations seem to be so troubled. That so much of the media is ridiculously biased toward the gigantuan (my word) corporations - granted, that's who owns them, but can't they even pretend to have some impartial reporting?

And, purely as an entersumer (again, my word), that there is NOTHING TO WATCH.

On the other hand, there is a silver lining, albeit a small one, and that is that, lucky for us, writers can't seem to help themselves from writing. And creators can't seem to help themselves from creating.

So we get the Why We Write series (on which I've posted before) and the Speechless series - in which actors, writers and directors unite to create mini-films about the world without writers.

Some are better than others, but isn't that true across the board? See all the mini-films on brightcove (hi-def) or on youtube.

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