Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The bully in the fruit bowl

Did you ever notice that sometimes some of the fruit in that bowl of fruit in your kitchen inexplicably goes super rotten, super fast?

First off, if you actually have a bowl of fruit in your kitchen - kudos to you. It's one of those healthy life-style things I do, and then I don't do, and then I do again... you know how it goes.
These days, I'm more likely to have a bowl of fruit than not... but I digress.

Back to my point - turns out, see, that not all fruit plays nicely together in the sandbox, or, in this case, the bowl.

Some fruit emits this gas, ethylene (don't ask my any more than that, that's all I know - I don't know why, and I don't know what it is, all I know is - some fruit just emits the stuff); and other fruit, which doesn't emit this gas, is sensitive to it. Basically, some fruit just likes to bully some of your other fruit.

And the sensitive fruit doesn't really put up a fight, it just surrenders - so your apples get mushy and mealy, your potatoes go soft - all in all, things just get ugly. If, however, you turn your single bowl of fruit into two... well then, all is right with the world. Or at least with your healthy little part of it that you're keeping on your kitchen counter. And isn't that nice?

The list (courtesy Real Simple)
The bullies
The sensitive
Honeydew melonsCucumbers
MangoesGreen beans
NectarinesLettuce and other greens


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