Monday, January 28, 2008

All roads lead back to Veronica

Okay, so after the "24" marathon came the Veronica Mars marathon... by the way, when it comes to first seasons, VM really takes the cake. Wow! (This is a slight digression from my point, but I'm sure you're used to that by now.) It is true that the second and third seasons aren't as good, especially since they didn't even bother to really have a finale for the third. But I gotta tell you, Veronica's character goes down in the annals as one of the best.

Anyway, back to my you-see-a-name-and-then-you-see-it-everywhere point... a) did you hear the principal call out "John Enbom" right before he called Wallace Fennel's name during Veronica's graduation in the season finale of Season 2? (and he was also mentioned as one of the 09'ers at the very beginning of the very first episode?) Well, here is that point (I always do get there), John Enbom was writer extraordinaire for the show and b) did you know that Mr. Enbom has now moved on to produce "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" (which is not as good as it could be but definitely better than it should be).

Then there's John Kretchmer, whose name popped up under "directed by" on many a VM episode. Well, he's moved on to direct episodes of October Road, which is, sadly, just as same-old-same-old as you think it would be. Though, in the dearth of fresh television left behind in the wake of the writers' strike, I admit I have been watching. Which once again paid off in that "really? he did?" kind of way last week when I saw that the episode was directed by David Paymer, an actor who was great as a mob boss in "Line of Fire" (remember that one? It didn't last long, but Paymer was me-ee-an!) and who shows up periodically on TV (Ghost Whisperer, Brothers & Sisters, Entourage...).

But meanwhile, the small world I'm really waiting for? Rob Thomas' next TV effort - supposedly called "Party Down" and supposedly about actors in LA who accidentally start a catering company instead. And listed on the writer roster, John Enbom (if you've been paying attention, this name will ring a bell), Dan Etheridge (also from VM), and - yup - here we go round the may pole - Paul Rudd. You know, Paul Rudd? From Clueless?

But don't get me started.

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