Friday, January 25, 2008

Will every Q have its A?

Why don't you have to dial 1 before the area code on cell phones?

Why do we still say "dial the phone"? And why don't cell phones have dial tones? (maybe because they don't have dials? Which leads me back to... well, you know...)

Why aren't sweetbreads called organs from baby animals, instead of something that sort of makes you want to consider eating them?

Why is it the whole 9 yards, and not 10 or 8 yards?

Why does radio have stations and TV have channels?

Why can't you TiVo the music channels on TV?

Why don't "dearth" and "hearth" rhyme?

Why does no one seem to be able to design cool looking computers and stuff except one, single, solitary company in Cupertino?

Why do we say "pre-heat" the oven, when we're really just heating it?

Note: For more of the same, don't miss David Pogue's great list of "imponderables" - and the many answers it inspired.

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