Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let me tell you a story

Funny thing I was reading the other day - about a pair of twins, separated at birth and adopted, who later in life fell in love and got married. Now, the writer who mentioned this says she was stopped by the "separated at birth" part, thinking the twins had been conjoined and surgically separated (not the case).

I was struck by the thought that this, this is where Nip/Tuck episodes are born. Can't you see it now? All you need are a few more layers of surreal irony.

Twin girls, born 25 years ago, separated at birth. One raised in New York City, attending private school, going to summer camp, living the life of privilege. She grows up, goes to college and moves to the west coast, where she tries her hand at acting. The other girl ends up in the Midwest on a struggling farm, the youngest in a family of strapping boys. She spends her days doing chores and watching her father drink himself to an early grave as the farm slowly fails. Shortly after her 18th birthday, the girl from Nebraska runs away from home, undergoes a sex-change operation and moves to Los Angeles, where she takes a job working for a small but successful stunt company. While on the set of a soda commercial, the now "he" meets and falls in love with the perfect girl. Who just happens to be her long-lost sister.

Seriously, is this not tailor-made for Fox TV?

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