Monday, January 21, 2008

It all starts with The Cutting Edge

You know that thing - where you learn a new word, and all of a sudden it's everywhere? In the newspaper the next day, in the book you started to read a month ago and only just remembered you hadn't finished? Well, this isn't really like that, but it sort of is...

I was watching The Cutting Edge on TV about a week ago (admittedly for the 27th time, give or take), late, late at night and I watched all the way through the closing credits. I mean ALL the way through, past the cast, and the makeup, and the costumers... and all of a sudden I sat up, alert, ears quivering, eyes wide, "camera operator.... Jon Cassar. Jon Cassar?"

Weeks of "24" series marathon-watching with my erstwhile roommate and friend (erstwhile being her word choice, mind you) paid off in an instant. "Isn't Jon Cassar a producer on 24?" I asked myself. Quick - to the internet! Lo and behold, yes... he is. But before that, friends, he worked on The Cutting Edge, a mighty fine entry on his resume, IMHO (that would be "in my humble opinion" in text or im slang if you're having trouble keeping up).

Now, to add further to the luster of The Cutting Edge (not for me, but for those uninitiated few out there), let's also take a moment to consider that its screenwriter, Tony Gilroy, went on to write, or co-write, Dolores Claiborne, all three of the Bourne trilogy movies, and, most recently, Michael Clayton (also his directing debut, fyi).

This, though, was just the beginning of that thing, the now-that-I-know-the-name-I-see-it-everywhere thing? Stay tuned folks, because it's just starting to get interesting...

Oh, and by the way? Paul Michael Glaser (you remember him, don't you? He was Starsky. Or maybe he was Hutch... anyway, he was one of them) directed The Cutting Edge. Yeah. He did.

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