Wednesday, March 01, 2006

oscar oscar oscar

So - as usual, the men's race is chockful of amazing performances in great movies, and the women - who was nominated again? I'm not saying anything new... but that doesn't make it not worth saying, or at least, repeating. What's interesting to me is that the female performances may have been great - but their movies, were, well, blah. I've seen all but one of the Best Actor movies (sorry, Terence Howard - but I loved you in "Crash") - and only one of the Best Actress movies - seriously, did anyone see "Pride and Prejudice"? Is that a marketing issue? A societal issue? A culture issue? Or is it just me?
Working our way through the "F" movies -- saw "Firewall" - predictable but worth it until the last 1o minutes - who directed those??? Yikes. "Freedomland" - a movie I think I'm supposed to be affected by, I'm supposed to 'discuss' - but I just left confused, confused as to the point, the message, the motivation. Samuel Jackson played his role - just as you'd expect. Julianne Moore, seemingly out of character, but yet not. It's not easy to jam multiple moral imperatives into one story line, and somehow "Freedomland" just ended up with rambling deep thoughts, sort of Jack Handy meets Spike Lee.
Next week, yet another "F" movie, "Failure to Launch" - don't tell me, don't tell me, I am still hoping.