Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Joining the fray

So, the year has ended - and in more ways than one. I was fired (for the first time) -- my friend, Deidre (the best recruiter on the planet!), put it best - "when one door closes, another one opens, but it's hell in the hallway." And, sweetie-pie, am I ever in that hallway, going full steam ahead for that open door!

In fact, I'm thinking I can build that door to be just the height, width and weight that I want. While I may not start a restaurant on an island in the Caribbean, nor be a CEO on Madison Avenue, right now I'm all about the Blanchards in Anguilla (check out their book Live What You Love), and Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi (check his book and website and philosophy, not so new, but fabulous, Lovemarks, the future beyond brands).

And why start a blog now? It's all part of that door I'm building... loving what I'm living and living what I love. Like Charles and Marie (check out their awesome site) - who have a passion for travel, for cool, for innovative, for design - and that's what they live. Add to that a passion for marketing and problem-solving, a knack for seeing connections others don't, and my door, not to mention my blog, begins to take shape.

I'm not sure the world needs another blog - even with blogidators like bloglines and newsgator to help - nonetheless, like Gene Kelly said, "gotta dance!" - though, somehow, "gotta blog" doesn't have quite the same ring. There's a glut of trendwatching with perspective out there already - some of it excellent, much of it good, some of it, well... But to share from the excellent category: Morning News Beat (don't let the food/retail slant fool you - this site has some of the best current consumer and marketing insight around!), Daily Candy (like Google, simple, true to its roots, and phenomenal), Gen Art Pulse (all that's of the moment - clothes, movies, travel, and more), Splendora (pop culture with personality - what more could you ask for?). That's it for today - have to keep some in reserve for the next post, after all.

So going forward, eat, drink and be merry (I figure being merry can incorporate all activities eating and drinking leave out)...

For those who haven't - go to The Griddle in Hollywood (Sunset & Fairfax) for breakfast, and go hungry, go starving, go famished - going hung-over would be best. This is one of the few places where the huge pancakes (the size of a dinner plate - and you get THREE!) are tasty and light, not frisbees made of pancake colored cardboard. The coffee is super dark, the bacon excellent, and the Manhattan frittata is a don't miss.

Make your margaritas at home with Dr. Swami and Bone Daddy's incredible marg mix - use with fresh lime juice, and lots of it, for a margarita that isn't too sweet, too tart, or too sour - perfect!

Go to the movies -- seriously, go. Cache - you can't quite believe it holds you the way it does, and you don't want to believe it ends the way it does. Walk the Line - it may be trite to say, but the performances really are amazing... personally, I think it's patently unfair that Reese and Joaquin look the way they do, perform they way do, and can also sing?? I already had an inferiority complex, thank you very much. King Kong - it's a spectacle, maybe a little too much so - I can just hear the visual effects team: "come on Peter, how can you NOT use our fabulous slug with teeth and slimy pink gums that can swallow a guy from the head down?" - but still, any movie that can have you believe that not only would a girl choose someone over Adrien Brody, but would choose an ape - that's filmmaking worth seeing. The Matador - a louche 007... is this what Daniel Craig has to look forward to? see it, if only to see Hope Davis utter every variation of the word "fuck" 63 times in 63 seconds (not an exact figure). Syriana - yes, it is like Traffic (go figure, same writer, same director) - this is a good reason to see it... just don't expect to get it all (that's why God invented DVDs and rewind for crying out loud), but if you miss the message, you must be deaf (or stubborn). Good Night and Good Luck - purely beautiful - and riveting. David Strathairn (whom I've loved since Passion Fish, which also stars Mary McDonnell - who is completely underrated, or at least underutilized (remember High Society on TV? No? Neither does anyone else, unfortunately. 'twas the only sitcom I've ever loved... alas, alack), but I digress...) is pitch-perfect, the cinematography is exquisite, and the cast is golden. Don't miss this. Fun with Dick and Jane - I walked out of this. You know me - for me to walk out - that's saying something, and saying enough, I think.
Still on my list - Munich, Capote, Brokeback Mountain, Chronicles of Narnia, Casanova.