Saturday, March 22, 2008

I was just wondering...

It was touch and go today... what I was going to write about, that is. Sorry to say it was slow going for me the last 24 hours...a lot of work and not too much outside world.

I could write about the Villanova coach whose technical foul started an 11-3 point run for the other team. I'm not even a basketball fan and I can tell you that's not cool. Or about the new REM single that's floating around the net from their new album - you can get it, of course, on the Slovakian fan site. Where else?

Then I read the story about the hypnotic hold-up artist, the mesmerizing supermarket robber. Sometimes you wonder why we even bother with fiction.

Italian police have issued video footage of a man who has been hypnotizing supermarket checkout staff and getting them to hand over the cash.
In every case, according to reports, the last thing staff remember is a man leaning over and saying 'Look into my eyes' before suddenly finding the till is empty.

To top it off, the robber "bears an uncanny resemblance to Rasputin and Saddam Hussein."

I wish I had something to add to that. But I don't.

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