Monday, March 03, 2008

Columns and rows



It's your privilege. Your obligation. Your right. Your power. Your voice.

There's a lot that may not be right in this country. With our government. With the political system. No doubt. But there's a fair amount that's pretty good. Even if sometimes that's hard to remember.

Either way - if you don't participate in the process, you pretty much lose your standing to complain about it.

I'm just thinking about this because, well,

a) tomorrow is Second Super Tuesday, and it's kind of a nail biter - when was the last time that happened?


b) I stumbled on this chart that lays out the candidates' positions on issues. It's simple and simplified, yes, but that doesn't make it useless. It doesn't make it the last word, either, for sure.

Look, I'm not saying to use it to choose your candidate, but it's interesting, nonetheless. It gets you thinking, doesn't it?

So - get thinking. Make a choice. And vote.

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