Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ode to Jason

Oh, Jason, we barely know ye.

Not that we don't love the way you play that Limey, smarter-than-the-average-bear criminal. We do. I do. I really do. And you were more brains than brawn this time around in The Bank Job (RT: 78) - but still...

Crank (RT: 61)
Cellular (RT: 54)
The Transporter (RT: 54)
The Italian Job (RT: 73)
Snatch (RT: 73)

Handsome Rob, over and over and over again.

To be fair, I'm not really, truly lodging a complaint. After all, I love Handsome Rob. I'm just saying it'd be nice to see you try something else on for size. I bet it'd fit. Handsomely.

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