Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Strike that. Reverse it.

So, not only is Target (that Target), previewing one of its new lines at Barney's (yep, that Barney's) - but every article I read about it reads the same way:

Julie Gilhart, [Barney's] fashion director, has worked her magic by persuading Target to launch the Rogan for Target collection at her Manhattan and Beverly Hills flagships in advance of their launch at the superstore. full article

Did you catch that? Barney's worked their magic to persuade Target to preview their clothes in their stores. Bet she had to really beg and plead to make that happen.

Don't tell me, tomorrow, Domino's will be premiering its new All Cookie Crust-All Creme Center dessert pizza at Mario Batali's restaurants. When did I leave earth as I know it?

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