Wednesday, May 07, 2008

An oldie - but what a goody

If you haven't seen Inherit the Wind, do. That's all, just do.

For one, it's a great story based on a true story - back when screenplays based on true stories were pretty close to the real thing. They didn't seem to have that "inspired by true events" thing back then...

For two, it was directed by Stanley Kramer, who also directed Judgment at Nuremberg - which, if you were paying attention, I have previously discussed in these pages - as well as Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, not to mention the movies he produced... oh, go look him up already, do I have to do everything??

For three, you get to see Col. Potter (M*A*S*H?) and Darren Stevens in a real, honest-to-goodness movie. And they're good. And Gene Kelly acting totally against type. Wait, you get to see Gene Kelly acting. Bet you didn't know he could do that.

But see it most of all, see it to watch Spencer Tracy and Frederic March go at it - Tracy as Clarence Darrow and March as William Jennings Bryan (fictionalized, of course). Those scenes are a joy. Spencer Tracy... how we miss you.

By the way, even though Inherit the Wind was released in 1960, it still scores on RT - an 87. And Guess Who's Coming to Dinner scores a 64. Judgment at Nuremberg? 89. In case you were wondering.

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