Sunday, May 18, 2008

From Henson to... Coelho?

I'm not sure if this is better, worse or just... different?

The Weinstein Company (yep, them again) today announced that they are planning to adapt Paul Coelho's fable, The Alchemist, into a film. To be directed by and star Laurence Fishbourne.

And although the film has been languishing at Warner Bros. for 15 or so years, with screenwriters evidently seeing fit to include Ben Hur-worthy battle scenes (hey, I'm just recapping the press release, I don't make this stuff up), you'll note - because I'm telling you to note - that there is no screenwriter attached to the project now.

Harvey Weinstein has said that he will personally produce this film, something he hasn't done since Shakespeare in Love. And say what you will about him (and that can be a lot), that man can make a good movie when he puts his mind to it.

I'm not in the biz, but even with star, director and producer extraordinaire on-board, don't you still need a script? (Pssst. Is Richard LaGravenese busy?)

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