Monday, April 21, 2008

Just say no...

There should be a rule. Stop at two.

Let's just list the sins, shall we?

  • Terminator Three: Rise of the Machines, showing a 30 point RT drop from The Terminator's stellar score of 100
  • Lethal Weapon Three, dropping a good 27 points from the original's respectable 89
  • Die Hard with a Vengeance - ouch! That would be a 51 point plunge from Die Hard's rockin' 96 points
  • Alien 3 - falls even harder and farther, 65 points to 32 from Alien's 97.
  • Star Wars: Return of the Jedi? 20 points down from the impressive 95 scored by Star Wars
  • The Godfather Part III actually scores a 65 - dropping only 35 points from the The Godfather's perfect score. I don't know anybody, however, who would give Godfather Part III a 65. Not a single solitary soul. That score seriously shakes my confidence in RT.

There are some exceptions. Well, one that comes to mind - Matt Damon as Jason Bourne only got better as Paul Greengrass took over and Tony Gilroy hit his stride -- #1 got an 83, #2 81 and #3 scored a well-deserved 91.

And let's talk about the elephant in the room... good ol' Indy. Raiders of the Lost Ark - a 95, Temple of Doom, a 91. And the third? a 93.

So, if "stop at 2" should be a rule, "stop at 3" has got to be a law. A commandment. Carved in stone somewhere. Break it and horrible plagues shall be visited upon you, I'm sure of it. They should be anyway.

Indiana Jones is old now. John McClane was old last year. Martin Riggs was old whenever that came out. Tina, baby, we do need another hero. Or at least some writers with some action adventure imagination.

Oh, and did you hear? Next year, we're getting Dirty Harry 6: Murder He Wrote.

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