Friday, April 04, 2008

I'll keep you posted

This takes comparison shopping to a whole new level.

Amazon announced TextBuyIt on Tuesday.

Let me just pause to say that a) I think they could have come up with a better name, and b) do you really want to launch a new service on April Fool's Day?

Okay. Pause over.

So, the way it works is (...the train moves, not the station. Name that movie.)

Okay, for real this time. The way it works is, you're in a store. A real, honest-to-goodness store, and you see something you want, but not necessarily instantly - so you text the product name or UPC (universal product code, but you knew that) or, if it's a book, the ISBN (international standard book number, did you know that?), to Amazon on your phone at 262966 - ya know, Amazon on the keypad - and Amazon texts you right back with two choices. Right back. That's a better response than I get from the guys I date. Hmpf.

Anyway, maybe it's cheaper (sorry Grams, I mean "less expensive"), or maybe you don't want to carry whatever it is around with you the rest of the day, or maybe you just want to make sure you get the absolute complete MOST out of that Amazon Prime membership you pay for. Then, and could this be any easier?, to buy it in the magic that is the Amazonian ether, all you have to do is text back "1" or "2," (or text "M" to see more options). If you buy something, they call you right away to go over the details and make sure everything is copacetic. They call? When they say they're going to? To see if you're happy? I think I'm in love.

I haven't tried it yet - but I will. Believe you me, I will. And you'll be the first to know what I think. And if we're getting engaged.

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