Friday, April 04, 2008

And, for my next computer...

This may make my brother shudder. But my next computer? It's going to be a Mac. You know, that super-cool, super-thin one, the one David Pogue wrote a love letter to just the other day? He did. Seriously, if he could marry the thing... well...

I can't speak for Mr. P, but for me, I might say it's because of the commercials alone - have you seen the new yoga one with Judy Greer? The fantastic, under-rated, Judy Greer? (And MissGuided does not do her justice - though kudos to Ashton Kutcher for trying.) Well, anyway, the commercials rock. They're all of them on Apple's site. Remember Mac from Galaxy Quest (a 90, I'll have you know, on RT)? He was Brandon -- "You wanna take a left and then just straight on through the chompers."

Link to the supercalifragilistic video I posted - you know, in case for some reason you can't, you know, see it?

The commercials do indeed rock, but the truth is, I'm a pure sucker for packaging (ask my friends - it's sad but true). And for design. And well-packaged design? Or well-designed packaging? Fuhgeddaboutit. As they say.

In the meantime, at least I get to watch the commercials. And use my super-cool, super-small, super-designed, nano. Sigh.

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