Sunday, February 24, 2008

with thanks to the Brothers Jazz

Last October, my friends (the aforementioned Brothers Jazz) made me their comfort food dinner, which entailed tater tots, eggs, cheese and bacon — all in one pan. I'll be honest, it looked absolutely revolting. As it was sizzling away, I kept a weather eye on Tasha and Bernie (resident Bernese Mountain and St. Bernard, respectively). After all, I was sure the dogs would eat — ahem — like it. Then I tried it. What do I know? It was fantastic, and is now a staple of my own cooking repertoire and oft requested by my friends. And Tasha and Bernie? Poor things never even got a bite.

Something that good, I announced, needed a name. What name? "Dog food." Obviously.

And the recipe (feel free to ad lib as you see fit):

1/2 bag tater tots, frozen
1/2 lb bacon
6 eggs
2/3 (or so) cup shredded cheese (cheddar or jack/cheddar)

Chop the bacon crosswise into 1/2" wide strips, cook up and set aside.
Fry up the tater tots in a pan with some canola oil. Pour in as much of the bacon grease as you like as they're cooking. You need to stir and scrape, or they'll burn on the bottom. And the tots will fall apart as you cook 'em &mdash that's just fine.
When the tater tots are cooked through and good and crispy on the bottom, crack in the eggs and add in the cheese and the bacon. Scramble it all up until the eggs are thoroughly cooked.

Voila &mdash dog food. Yum!

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