Sunday, February 24, 2008


Today I got an announcement from a Mr. Al Spurlock (googled him to no effect, I'll have you know, he must be Hillary's own MacGuffin) in my inbox, letting me know "we'll be posting online, quick and fun video reports from the trail to energize our top supporters, HillStars like you."

Hello? I am so not a "HillStar."

Quick as a snake, I clicked on unsubscribe, whereupon a browser window popped up, asking (I couldn't make this up):
"Please mention the reason you wanted to unsubscriber." (sic)

There was only one answer to why I wanted to unsubscribe her, of course, and I promptly typed it in: "Go Obama!"

p.s. If you're a Hillary supporter and you want to be a Hillstar - check out the Hillstar site (password is victory)

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