Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who says Mike Meyers isn't making us laugh?

Albeit, he ain't making us laugh at the movie theater - but why be picky? A laugh's a laugh, no matter how small (Dr. Seuss, on the other hand - now he's always good for a laugh, or at least an honest chuckle).

Love Guru, MM's latest, has pulled an unbelievable but true 16(!) on Rotten Tomatoes. Which is rather surprisingly high, given the reviews.

If you need a laugh - or just want to feel a bit better about yourself - read a few... some of my faves (oh, and here are some more - and even more, on the HuffPost, no less):

At 88 minutes, The Love Guru would have benefited from a trim of roughly 80 minutes. -- Kyle Smith (New York Post)

...downright anti-funny, an experience that makes you wonder if you will ever laugh again. -- A.O. Scott (New York Times)

Compared to "The Love Guru," "Get Smart" is "Citizen Kane." -- Joe Morgenstern (Wall Street Journal)

With the sad dearth of summer movies, at least the movie critics are entertaining us. Thank goodness for small favors.

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