Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome to the party

Generally speaking, this blog—my blog—is not a "personal" log or journal. With few exceptions, I merely try to point out various interesting (or ridiculous or humorous or surreal) flotsam and jetsam I notice along the wayside of my life, without inflicting on you the flotsam and jetsam obstructing the path of my own life.

You might, however, have noticed a distinct slowdown of entries recently. Okay, okay, for the past year or so. Who's counting? That would be as much of my flotsam and jetsam as you were going to get—focus on what's not there, you'll get the point. Recently, though, I am happy to say that the, ahem, path of my life is becoming less littered and more clear. Which should mean interesting—ridiculous, humorous, surreal—bits of the world once again showing up with regularity on these pages. (Didncha miss me?)

All of which is a long introduction to a book and blog I found the other day, "Slow Love: How I Lost My Job, Put On My Pajamas & Found Happiness" by Dominique Browning, the not-so-recently laid off editor of House & Garden Magazine. I've got the first two down but good; I'm just still working on that elusive third item.

You might not be able to judge a book a by its cover, but perhaps by its title? Jobless, in sleepwear and happy. Now that's my kind of book.

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