Thursday, May 20, 2010

Couch potato ABCs

What to expect from the alphabet network this fall?

No Ordinary Family
Greg Berlanti ("Brothers & Sisters," "Dirty Sexy Money") is co-creator of this show about a family who emerges from a plane crash in the Amazon with super-powers. Cast is promising, including Michael Chiklis ("The Shield," not to mention that movie where he played normal-guy-suddenly-has-super-strength), Julie Benz ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Dexter") and Kay Panabaker. "Sky High" meets "The Fantastic Four"?

Detroit 1-8-7
"Documentary style" cop show set in Detroit. Personally? Feh. The camera (hand-held and shaky?) follows two sets of cops as they, you know, do the cop thing. First we have (you'll never guess) a "damaged but driven detective," who also happens to be the "most respected and most misunderstood man in the division" (played by Michael Imperioli) and his brand-new partner, who (OMG!) has a baby on the way. Then, for a little change of pace, we've got ourselves a "sexy, edgy, rising star" female detective recently partnered with (now, isn't this a surprise?) a "streetwise, smooth-talking" detective for a "combustible pairing rife with conflict and sexual tension." This sounds like "Tired" meets "Retread" to me.

The Whole Truth
A courtroom drama from Jerry Bruckheimer and Tom Donaghy ("Without a Trace"). One episode, one case, two sides (you know, prosecution and defense?). Could be interesting. Starring Rob Morrow (didn't take him long to bounce back from his "Numb3rs" cancellation) and Joely Richardson. "Law & Order" meets "The Practice"?

My Generation
Based on a documentary about a Texas high school's graduating class of 2000. Well sort of. Because this isn't a reality show (thank god). And it takes place 1o years later (i.e., now). And the students are played by actors. With lines. But anyway, it's based on that documentary. Created by Noah Hawley ("Bones"). Hmmm. "7 Up" meets "October Road"?

Body of Proof
"Quincy M.E." meets "Bones" meets "The Closer" meets "House". I don't know what else to say. On the other hand, any network that is willing to give Dana Delany her own show gets a thumbs up from me. According to ABC's press release, Delany will play Dr. Megan Hunt, former neuro-surgeon turned "Philadelphia's most notorious" medical examiner.

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