Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Couch potatoes, part deux

Raising Hope
...quirky guy raises baby girl with help from wacky family. The half-hour comedy stars Lucas Neff, with Martha Plimpton and Garrett Dillahunt (whom they liked so much on "Deadwood" they had him play two totally different characters). My Name is Earl show runner Greg Garcia is onboard, other cast includes Cloris Leachman and Bijou Phillips.

Running Wilde
...another half hour comedy, this one about a wealthy playboy (Will Arnett) trying to make time with his liberal, responsible childhood sweetheart (Keri Russell). Brought to you by Will Arnett and the "Arrested Development" brain trust, told through the eyes of Mssr. Playboy's former housekeeper's 12-year old daughter. Hmmmm... "The Philanthropist" meets "Dharma & Greg" with perhaps a dash of "The Wonder Years"?

... a prime-time soap, Fox-style — Texas, con-men, double wives and double lives — from the creators of "Party of Five" (remember when we all loved that show?) and the Weitz brothers ("About a Boy"), pilot directed by Marc Webb ("500 Days of Summer"). Starring Jimmy Wolk, who is either a poor man's Kyle Chandler or the next Kyle Chandler, along with Adrianne Palicki (ironically, of "Friday Night Lights"), Eloise Mumford, David Keith, Mark Deklin, Bryce Johnson and Jon Voight. I'm going to say... "Big Love" meets "Dallas" meets "The Riches".

Where: Chicago. Who: Cowboy cop (is there any other kind?), played by Jason Clarke, and new, first female, Chief of Police, played by Jennifer Beals. What: kicking butt and taking names to clean up decades of corruption in the Windy City. With Matt Lauria, Devin Kelley, Todd Williams, Billy Lush and Delroy Lindo. From Shawn Ryan ("The Shield").

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