Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The things you can do today

Something about this picture tickled my fancy.

I wanted to share it, so I went looking for the original — I saw this one on (a great blog on writing for the web, by the by)...

...though I have to say the post on which this particular image was included, "How to Read a 291-page Book in Two Hours" isn't one of my faves... I mean a) 291 pages isn't all that long and 2) didn't we graduate from CliffNotes? If you want to read something, READ it... otherwise, go see the movie. Not that I feel strongly about it or anything.

As I was saying, I went looking for the original and found... this (on Flickr).

The same, yet not.

Crazy what the average joe can do to a photo these days. Tilt-shift, anyone?

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