Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Sweet and salty and everything nice

Priorities. Everyone is always going on about getting your priorities straight. I have my priorities straight — my number one priority is making sure I am never more than 3 feet from good dark chocolate.

I learned this direct from my fairy god-mother who also believed that your bag shouldn't weigh more than a small car (I haven't quite got that hang of that one). The chocolate thing, though, I got that. She never went anywhere without a stash of dark chocolate secreted away, usually in a ziploc bag that looked about 100 years old. Except that they didn't have ziploc bags 100 years ago. Still.

So you can usually find some portion of a dark chocolate bar floating around in my bag somewhere, usually wrapped haphazardly in its foil and paper wrapper. The ziploc thing is one step too deliberate for me. Without it, I can still discover the chocolate in my bag as an unexpected and welcome surprise. Hey! Look! I found this chocolate tucked away. How did that get here? Yum.

Recently, however, I discovered Trader Joe's mini dark chocolate covered pretzels, not to be confused, by the way, with their pretzel slims, which are $1 more for half as many. Don't ask me, I didn't price them, I just eat them.

They are the perfect chocolate craving pacifier. The chocolate is ridiculously good, not to mention that the chocolate to pretzel ratio, which is of vital importance and often woefully miscalculated, is perfect. Three of these little babies and all food yens are happily met— chocolate, snack, chewing, salt. The major food groups all in one tiny loop de loop.

Which means that I had to give in to the ziploc chocolate container methodology. When I labeled the bag (if you're going to be deliberate, you might as well go all the way, right?), I wrote "Toni's chocolate" in big letters. xo.

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