Sunday, February 22, 2009

Facebook - the movie. No, really.

Up til now, I'd been really hopeful that those drugs hadn't harmed (okay, one of) my favorite writer's brain. But now I have to wonder.

Facebook - The Movie? Come on. Really?

Aaron Sorkin last year signed on to write this masterpiece, and according to his Facebook group page, "This movie is going to be about the invention of Facebook--how a college sophomore became the youngest billionaire in the world by creating a company from his dorm room that became the size of CBS in a matter of months. You wouldn't have to like an atomic bomb to see a movie about the Manhattan Project, right?"

That last comment is in reply to a group member who has said he won't go see the movie "on principle." In response to Mr. Sorkin's query on the nature of said principle (yes, Mr. Sorkin, despite his assertion that his "grandmother has more Internet savvy than I do and she's been dead for 33 years," actively participates in this group), the stalker, I mean poster, said "the principle I'm talking about is more of a personal rebellion against how these social interaction tools have removed the need for actual social skills."

Evidently the "really?" reaction is widespread, hence, I imagine, the Facebook group. On the other hand, I do have faith in Mr. Sorkin, so I'll withhold judgment. For now.

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