Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The man in the white suit

If you're of a certain age, you'll remember Saturday nights one way and one way only.
9 o'clock was Love Boat (love. exciting and new. come aboard. we're expecting you... ), and 10 o'clock was Fantasy Island ("Da plane! Da plane!"). Now that I consider it, both of those shows were helmed by a man dressed in a white suit, but there is really no contest between Captain Stubing and Mr. Roarke. Ricardo Montalban as Mr. Roarke was suave, elegant, unflappable. He was precisely what he was supposed to be.

And then there was Montalban as Khan, or, you know, "Khaaaaaan!" Which was actually a reprisal; he played Khan in an episode on the original TV series in 1967. He was in musicals in old Hollywood, was the face, really more the voice, of Cadillac in the 70s, and who could forget him in Spy Kids 2?

Sadly, Ricardo Montalban died today, at the ripe old age of 88.

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