Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Roses are red... roses are pink...Roses last longer with water to drink

Who doesn't like roses? They are just one of those things that make everything around them look, well, just look better. Kind of like rose-colored glasses. Huh... look at that. Funny how that works isn't it? Roses, rose-colored glasses. Go figure.

Be that as it may, sometimes you might find that roses in a vase in your home don't keep things looking better as long as you think they should - they get all droopy and brown and all in all, not very inspiring. Sometimes that could be a function of the quality of the roses, but sometimes it could be the processing. Seriously, roses have a process. And, get this, the better the process, the better the roses. You thought it was all just a bed of roses, didn't you? Didn't you?

How to process cut roses so they last:

  1. cut your roses about an inch longer than you want them
  2. in a bowl of water, submerge the stem and with it completely underwater, cut it to the right length
  3. then, keeping the stem under water, pierce the stem about an inch from the end with the point of the scissor, making a hole in the stem
  4. lastly, arrange the roses in your vase
  5. every other day, change the water
Next week - the secret to raising roses from the dead. Really. Really rosie. (I couldn't resist.)

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