Sunday, October 08, 2006

If you can't make your legs longer, make your ceilings taller

For those of you living in, ahem, smaller spaces than you might dream of - here's a tip: mirror the walls. You've heard it before, I know - mirrors reflect light, reflect the opposite wall/window/whatever, all in all they "expand the space in a room." This is all true and incontrovertible, honest.

But today, think about this: mounting a mirror close to the ceiling (and I mean inches away) will draw the eye up, bring more light to the ceiling, double the space and adorn the wall. Instant height, interest, glamour and style. Not bad for a piece of glass and some picture hooks, hmmm?

And, if one giant mirror seems like a little too much reflection (internal or external), mount a bunch of smaller mirrors. You'll get all the benefits of light and reflection, without necessarily having to stare at yourself from across the room all day long - though if you're into that, go for it.

Glamour, glitter, light, luxury - if your room seems small or dark, or the walls look a little bare - take it from the Evil Queen: mirror, mirror, on the wall...

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