Tuesday, August 22, 2006

bye bye chicken skin

I seem to have uncovered a big secret, which I didn't even know I was keeping... Amlactin moisturiser.

The secret I did know I was keeping was the yucky little bumps on my knees (and other places I am not revealing - ever). Amlactin, which you can buy online or in your local drugstore, works like a dream - bye bye bumps. By the way, it is my most awesome dermatologist who calls these bumps "chicken skin" - a technical term, I'm sure.

So for all you out there suffering from chicken skin - wherever you may have it - venture thee forth and buy yourself a bottle at once. Use once or twice a day, religiously!, and say farewell and sayonara to those pesky little bumps. And as an added bonus, you can also say adieu to those other obnoxious red bumps from bikini waxes - yes, the all-purpose Amlactin takes care of those too.

Fine print? Only that it is not the most delicately fragranced lotion, so use it where you need it, and use some lovely Kiehl's or Aveeno (I like their stress relief lotion, myself) everywhere else. Oh, and it is a bit sticky, so leave some time for it to sink in before you dress or get into bed.

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